Speaker Coaches

Lisa Osherow

previously gave a talk at  TEDxTarrytownWomen. Her talk may be found here.  Lisa is interested in bringing new ideas to the TEDxTarrytown arena.

Audience Engagement


Marketing and Public Relations

Kimberly Marcus

Kimberly gave a talk at the TEDxTarrytown program on July 12, 2016.  Her talk may be found here.  Kimberly found she was inspired by the event and wanted to become more involved.  She attended TEDxFest

April 24 - 27, 2017 in Brooklyn New York, and agreed to lead the TEDxTarrytown 2017 team.                                  

Speaker Committee

Technical Director


Lisa Osherow

previously gave a talk at  TEDxTarrytownWomen. Her talk may be found here.  Lisa is interested in bringing new ideas to the TEDxTarrytown arena.

Laurie Forman

Open position

Open position

Caleb Gleit

is a sophmore at American University. He is the recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Fine Arts Student award from Sleepy Hollow High School, and is a avid graphic designer, photographer, and creator.  He was our technical help at the 2016 TEDxTarrytown event.


Social Media

Video Curator

Speaker Coaches

Our Team

Allison Fine

is among the nation’s pre-eminent thinkers and strategists on networked leadership. Over the past ten years, she has written three books, keynoted conferences around the world, and coached hundreds of organizations. Her particular expertise is in developing efforts that combine the power of personal relationships with the scale of social media to enable efforts to grow exponentially. She is the author of Matterness: Fearless Leadership for a Social World, the award-winning Momentum: Igniting Social Change in the Connected Age, and co-author of the bestselling The Networked Nonprofit. She writes an advice column for the Chronicle of Philanthropy, On Becoming a Leader, and serves on the boards of NARAL: Pro Choice America Foundation, and Civic Hall Labs.

You can view Allison's TEDxTarrytownWomen's talk here.

Alan Berkson                                 

Alan previously gave a talk at the TEDxTarrytownWomen program on May 28, 2015.  His talk may be found here.  Last year Alan chaired the speaker committee but this year here has agreed to use his business expertise to help acquire sponsorships.

Graphic Design

Linda Walter

Linda Walter, LCSW is a Psychotherapist who has a Private Practice in White Plains, NY.  She specializes in Short Term Therapy, Marital Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Rapid Resolution Treatment.  

Rana Faure

 is a photographer with a versatile, laid-back approach and a vibrant, singular style capturing still and motion imagery for a wide variety of clients. Formerly the Director of Photography for Getty Images, NY and Photo Editor for Seventeen magazine. Shooting lifestyle, architecture, interiors, food, hospitality, corporate and private events, weddings, family portraits and more…

Elisa Bruno-Midili

Passionately rebellious,  Elisa crafts the real estate industry with individual style and taste. Whether creating collaborative partnerships or brand strategy she digs deep to uncover details. A conscientious contributor and community connector with a message and a mission. Lover of nature, yoga, food, mother to Alexandra and Veronica, wife to Ron.
Artist...chef...photographer...blogger. A promoter and supporter of marketing through social media and the internet. Co-founder/Creative Director, Cafe Realty.

Stage Manager

Laurie Forman

​​​​​Brad Szollose (pronounced zol-us),

is a globally recognized Leadership Development Expert who helps businesses and organizations dominate their industry by tapping into the treasure of a cross-generational workforce. Brad's keynotes and workshops have transformed a new generation of business leaders.   He shares his management strategies within the pages of his award-winning, international bestseller Liquid Leadership.
As a TEDXTarrytown Alumni Speaker who graced our stage in 2016 with his talk
The Age of Radical Disruption, Brad will be volunteering as a speaker coach for some of our speakers this year.  

Sharon Kirschner

attended the TEDxTarrytownWomen event and enjoyed it so much, she offered to help with the TEDxTarrytown event this year.  We are grateful for Sharon's expertise in advertising and production.  

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Open position

Melissa Baer

This is Melissa's third TEDx Event.  She previously organized the TEDxTarrytownWomen program on May 28, 2015 and the TEDxTarrytown event on July 12, 2016.  

Yzette Swavy-Lipton

Yzette has enjoyed viewing all types of TED type events for many years because of her love for learning. This is her first event as an active participant. She is the Executive Administrator at the New York City Presbytery. In her "spare time" Yzette spends time with family, friends enjoys pop culture, music, reading, dancing and community outreach work. She is thrilled to be here!

Nonnie Balcer

Linda Viertel

​Jen Ross

Jennifer Povman

​​​Tara A. Clancy, M.A.

has been solving reading problems--uniquely--since earning her degree in Educational Psychology from Teachers College Columbia University over two decades ago. She knows that reading affects children’s lives, and children’s lives affect their reading. She brings together her devotion to natural health and fascination with neuroscience with her work as a reading specialist. Her unique insights make her a popular speaker for parent and educator groups. This summer, Ms. Clancy was invited to speak at the U.K. Literacy Association’s 53rd International Conference about Pediatric Sleep-disordered Breathing (PSDB) and its implications for literacy. She has a YouTube channel called “Nurturing Literacy Talks with Tara.”

Event MC

Set Designer

Volunteer Coordinator

Open position

Kimberly Marcus                                 


Linda Walter, LCSW

 is a Psychotherapist who has a Private Practice in White Plains, NY.  She specializes in Short Term Therapy, Marital Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Rapid Resolution Treatment.  


Stessa Peers

 is a graduate of Binghamton University and is currently a Religious Educator and Director of Youth Engagement at Temple Beth Abraham in Tarrytown NY. This is her FIRST TEDX Tarrytown event and she is very excited!